22nd of October 2017 02:54 PM Link
A little bit of Irish dancing for your Sunday afternoon
21st of October 2017 12:19 PM Link
An interesting surprise uncovered by storm Ophelia last week:
20th of October 2017 02:43 PM Link
Sunrise over Lough Atalia this morning. Surely this was a sign of a nice clear day? (Proceeds to look out window at 3pm...)
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19th of October 2017 08:46 PM Link
Time to get your costumes ready!
18th of October 2017 09:47 AM Link
General English places available in our November courses (Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate levels)
17th of October 2017 09:37 PM Link
So, Denmark it is then. Two games between us and next summer's World Cup
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16th of October 2017 07:16 PM
Classes as normal tomorrow, in this new post-Ophelia world
16th of October 2017 04:21 PM Link
And the sun breaks through over a flooded Salthill. Looks like the worst of Ophelia has passed
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16th of October 2017 11:24 AM Link
For the day that's in it. A good old Galway based band
16th of October 2017 09:59 AM Link
15th of October 2017 07:47 PM Link
Bank Holiday Ophelia! 😂😂
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15th of October 2017 05:48 PM Link
There's a storm a-comin'
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14th of October 2017 08:05 PM Link
IELTS exam dates in Galway for 2018 have been announced:
13th of October 2017 02:56 PM Link
Some of our students had a great night at Rab Fulton's Celtic stortytelling last night - there will be two more nights of storytelling in The Crane Bar on Thursday 19th & 26th October
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13th of October 2017 11:06 AM Link
Last day for early booking discounts for our November General English courses:
12th of October 2017 10:53 AM Link
The hidden sexism of workplace language.

A guy = a man
Guys = any group of people
2 guys = 2 men? A man and a woman? 2 women?
11th of October 2017 12:56 PM Link
The most important language related article you will read today
10th of October 2017 08:33 PM Link
Traditional handmade almond treats from #Valencia - thank you Carolina #yummy #wehavethebeststudents
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10th of October 2017 05:11 PM Link
This might be of interest to anyone who needs English to work on the Health sector
10th of October 2017 07:54 AM Link
The latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is here. Can you spot the parts that were filmed in Ireland?