24th of February 2018 11:59 AM Link
To all our Spanish students... do you realise that you are 2 games away from qualifying for the next Rugby World Cup?
23rd of February 2018 01:05 PM Link
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22nd of February 2018 08:27 PM Link
We’ve just taken delivery of @neilmccarthypoet ‘s collection of poems - a former colleague of ours, an all round nice guy and poet extraordinaire. Great to see an English teacher finally make something of themself #poet #book #salmonpoetry #poems #stopgapgrace
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21st of February 2018 04:36 PM
Not sure which of our courses is right for you? E-mail or send a message by WhatsApp to +353868657813 for a FREE placement test
20th of February 2018 08:45 PM Link
I’m with Ernest on this one
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19th of February 2018 07:03 PM Link
It’s been a long road, we are absolutely delighted to see Galway’s independent cinema Pálás opening this Friday
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18th of February 2018 08:21 PM Link
We're now taking bookings for our April General English and Cambridge Exam Preparation courses. Early booking discounts apply until March 8th - but only 6 places available at each level, so don't wait until the last minute!
17th of February 2018 11:33 AM Link
An nice life observation from Cava Tapas Bar 😂🍷🎈
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16th of February 2018 12:33 PM Link
How they prepare weather forecasts in Ireland...
15th of February 2018 07:29 PM
2 places available in our Intermediate classes starting on Monday - last call!

Part-time, maximum of 6 per class. Tell a friend
15th of February 2018 12:39 PM Link
1,000 'likes'. Thanks everyone We like you too
14th of February 2018 03:42 PM Link
Last class today for this group together!
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14th of February 2018 10:59 AM Link
This is about as romantic as we get here at Corrib English. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks. Use your words well 🌹❤️
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13th of February 2018 01:10 PM Link
Pancakes! From our friends at Grind Coffee & Food
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13th of February 2018 12:35 PM Link
You might have Carnival... but here in Ireland it's Pancake Tuesday! The happiest day of the year!
12th of February 2018 12:32 PM Link
One place available in our B2/C1 level afternoon classes on Tuesday and Thursdays
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11th of February 2018 06:06 PM Link
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9th of February 2018 07:30 PM Link
Places available in our Pre-Intermediate class, starting next Thursday (15th February)
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9th of February 2018 12:36 PM Link
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8th of February 2018 04:35 PM Link
Places available in our February General English classes at A2, B1 and B2 level
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