Student Testimonials

Carlota, Spain
  After a year as a student of Corrib English, not only has my English improved considerably, but I can say that it is the best academy I have been. His teachers are wonderful: Carmel is amazing and Paddy is the best English teacher I've had in my whole life!! In addition, the family atmosphere of this academy makes it a special place for all its students! 100% recommended!  
Eduardo, Spain
  The best English School ever! Paddy and Carmel are amazing and absolutely outstanding teachers. The lessons are well-structured, interesting and helpful. The atmosphere is comfortable and really friendly. Excellent location in the city centre. I highly recommend Corrib English. Thank you both of you  
Maria, Spain
  First of all I would like to say thank you to Paddy and Carmel because just with them I've improved my English. And also I recommend their classes to everybody that want to pass the FCE exam. I've recently passed it and I know that without them it would have been impossible.  
Sandra, Spain
  Paddy and Carmel are the best English teachers I've ever had. Undoubtedly, it is the best place to improve your English  
Caroline, Brazil
  The best school in Galway. Great teachers, excellent teaching material. Here the student is a priority. The school has excellent infrastructure and excellent administration. I do recommend them  
Stefania, Italy
  Are you looking for a good school in Galway? If yes, Corrib English is the perfect choice! Paddy and Carmel are great teachers but more than all they are two very beautiful people. I had been staying in Galway for 2 months and I always felt like home. You will improve your English in a short time. I still miss Paddy, Carmel and their school!!Five stars, best school in Galway!  
Katarzyna, Poland
  Good investment in yourself. Nice atmosphere and very good teachers! Highly recommended!!!  
Julia, Russia
  I was extremely lucky to have found Paddy and his Corrib English school. He is a great English teacher who is smart, broad-minded, highly professional and experienced, cheerful and easy to talk to. His lessons helped me a lot and I would highly recommend his services to anyone. A friendly atmosphere and quality are guaranteed.  
Esteban, Spain
  It is without a doubt the best English school in Galway. Paddy and Carmel are two fantastic teachers and the atmosphere in the school is the best I've ever been. If you really want to improve your English in a fun and proper way, this is your place.